When Fai met Dave

Six months ago, Fai decided to take a break from the dating, online, marriage world and focus on the house search which she had been happily putting off for around six years.  If you haven’t gathered it already, Fai is a typically indecisive Libra.

As fate would have it, Dave* entered her life; an uncomfortably younger, not so clean shaven, Essex lad.  Fai doesn’t hone in on younger men preferring the more silver fox look however she was okay with pushing out her comfort zone from time to time.  Dave seemed keen in getting to know her and hadn’t really commented on the age difference (if truth be told, she hadn’t bothered to point it out).

One thing that Fai was fast realising as she got to know Dave was that younger men generally have less baggage meaning they’re ever so slightly less bitter guarded than men she had met of her own age.  She was also fast realising that the world had a word for women like her…….cougar.  She took issue with this word which then led her to wonder why there wasn’t a more concise word akin to “over bloated rhino” for a man who dated younger women.

Dave, before a scandal of any type is created, was Muslim.  However unlike many convert men that Fai had come across, he took his religious views at a slightly more relaxed pace which suited Fai fine.  You see Fai, upto now, has met quite a few men and this wasn’t her first dance with a Muslim revert/convert.  What she had found, through experience, is that many people who find faith again can sometimes be prone to an overzealous joy in having found it.  This sadly meant they were usually somewhat appalled by her “live and let live” approach to life.

We digress.  Fai decided she liked him after he actually made the effort to call her (yes, standards are pretty low nowadays) but most importantly made her laugh in their first call with an enthusiastic description of a mystic pig and the world cup (maybe Fai’s standard of humour is also pretty low).

They agreed to meet and dare we say it, Fai was rather excited.  When Fai’s post over “The Pride” saga came out, he couldn’t understand what all the hatred had been about.  Their views on this amongst other things; religion (middle ground), not being a twat (wasn’t one) , politics (hated it) and family (loved them) aligned.  They were getting along swimmingly and had spoken, at his insistence, nearly every day for a fortnight.  Once again, a man who kept in touch, was a little bit of a novelty for Fai – almost as non-existent as Fai’s thigh gap.

He phoned an hour before their meet apologising for running late.  Scotrail it appeared still hadn’t got their act together and this was about to affect her chances of a lovely lunch with an ever so lovely man.  She decided that transport minister was deliberately sabotaging her love life and vowed vengeance……unluckily for him she knew where he lived.

Dave however was not about to be deterred by a cancelled train or two; whilst he may not have slay any dragons to get to her – he did walk an impressive thirty minutes to still arrive at their arranged place.  He pulled out her chair (Fai loves a bit of chivalry) and after some polite enquiries about what she wanted, placed an order.

Towards the end of lunch, it was clear to Fai she had talked a lot, clear mainly because she was starting to get hoarse.  It was also clear to Fai that whenever she stopped talking, there was that awful, uncomfortable silence that Fai found unbearable to sit in…….even though she tried, oh Lord, she tried.  Dave appeared interested but for the life of him could not continue a conversation unlike their phone calls.

Putting aside her confusion, Fai assumed this to be one of two things, nerves or more likely disinterest .  Perhaps she looked different to her photos even though they have no stupid dog filter and are the most bloody like her that she could find.  Well, screw you Dave, not everybody lives off Kale!

Much to her surprise however, he texted a few hours later – thanking her for a lovely afternoon and asked when they could next meet………

Next time

Fai hesitantly arranges another meet but things start getting a little strange.


* Names and locations are changed from time to time to protect the identities of those who do not know they’re being blogged about (mainly so Fai’s windows don’t get smashed in)





6 Replies to “When Fai met Dave”

  1. Ha ! Luv it!! N luv that your getting put and about and living your best life,can’t wait to hear what Fai n dave did nextxx

    1. lol thanks for your msg kags x

  2. LOVED THIS. Made me laugh! Disagree with samy. makes a lovely change in writing style by choosing this storytelling way. Very imaginative and creative! Your way of adding humour into stories is brilliant.

    1. I can’t take credit for the ‘creativity’ – I was inspired to try it by another blogger I follow and whose escapades I really enjoy. I did find that I enjoy writing in this way, maybe because it does feel more like a story than my life lol

  3. I think i prefer when you write in first person! Looking forward to the next edition of Fai and Davey boy 🙂

    1. Think I’m sticking to third for these pieces as it’s much more fun to write. You’ve been over ruled….by me!

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