I’m trying to recall what prompted this post, written a year and a half after my divorce.  Generally the months leading upto November when my breakup took place were never the best and this one was written in September.  

From memory, these were the months when I would be more upset and wanting to talk to someone however felt I couldn’t due to the expectation that I should have moved on by now.  FYI – it takes time to move on so don’t be hard on yourself for not committing to others’ expectations of where you should be.  It’s you going through it which means it’s on your time x 

Nobody asks me anything about the past anymore which one can assume to be a normal and healthy reaction.  Let sleeping dogs lie now.  It frustrates me however that people get uncomfortable when I talk about my marriage.  It was five years.   A drop in the ocean of life but a fairly significant chapter in mine.  I want to be asked questions; find out how I’m doing, have I healed?  Am I still a wreck?  Do I think about the marriage?  Let me talk.

People don’t ask because they don’t want to think about it.  They don’t want to think about what happened to me as they don’t want any emotion to be evoked in them.  Because it hurts them.  Them. THEM.

Do you see?

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  1. Yes sister. I see. And I understand 💜

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