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Faiza Yousaf

So, having written a number of pieces anonymously in the past, I’ve decided to own it and start writing under my own public profile.  How exciting – I hear you all cheer.  For those that don’t know me, my name is Fai (it rhymes with my not may and that’s important), I’m a thirty something year old (35 to be exact) from Scotland in the good old UK.  I was Muslimed with the name Faiza, however unless you’re my mum or dad, I very rarely get called that.  Also, Muslimed isn’t a real thing so don’t use it.

The Mum and Dad that Muslimed me with my name – selfie game on point!

Why are you subjecting us to this, I hear you say?  Good question!  This decision in part came from connecting with a number of people through my latest pieces of writing and enjoying how many were able to link to issues which transcend race, culture and even religion.  As a Muslim woman myself, I often viewed many topics I write about as “Muslim issues” – it became clear however that we all face them perhaps just navigating them in different ways.  Adding to this further, I recently became part of a social media group and was surprised at the number of posts looking for a discussion but people choosing to hide behind anonymity.  It made me realise how strongly I feel about having an open platform where we can all connect and not feel ashamed of life or the circumstances we find ourselves in on this journey.


Whilst I have been writing for close to six years now, a number of things had stopped me from writing publicly in the past; community chatter, privacy, conservative family etc.  I have views that may not be regarded as “appropriate”/I may be a bit open (a piece about d*** pics will come up).  Perhaps however I’m at a stage where I feel these things should be spoken about.  I can’t afterall be the only one who faces spiritual dilemmas or whose phone has been subjected to a special type of hell since the world of online dating started to exist.

These are my own musings, inspired by life circumstances.  I’m not a fancy writer but enjoy have a bit of fun with it and using it to connect with others.  You may not agree with my opinions etc and that’s okay – where we would be without a bit of debate, healthy arguments and even some good old trolling?  I appreciate that not everybody will be comfortable commenting under their own name so there is an anonymous option until you get there (I do hope you get there!)

Please do engage, share your stories and share with others!

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